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We’re probably the most adult adults ever to adult. 😎 #vacation
My first experience at the Melting Pot. A bit tired from tubing all day, hah! #vacation #meltingpot #heissuchacutie
Well that sucks.

When I think about my last boyfriend I can’t help but cringe. A rebound I felt trapped in for almost a year. UGHHH. It never should have started, but it shouldn’t have gone on longer than a month or two. BUT THEN HIS MOTHER GOT ME A JOB WHERE SHE WORKS and I felt compelled to stay in it. I was such a sad person during that time of my life. My first serious relationship had just ended due to my indecisive and anxious behavior, and I immediately jumped into a pile of shit disguised as a human being because I was sad and lonely. I hate thinking that I did that. I feel so much guilt to this day. I wish I could go back and slap myself into doing the right thing.

I get irritated every time he tries to talk to me.

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I think it’s really funny that some people like to add ‘sorry’ onto the end of what is actually an incredibly unwarranted/rude comment, as if it at all absolves them from what they’re actually saying. Like no, just so we’re clear, you’re still an asshole!

I work with a guy who does something similar, sub ‘no offense’ for ‘sorry.’

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Feeling pretty adult in this lab coat, hah. #labtechnician #school